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Wines of Uruguay, with Carla Bertellotti

2nd November 2018

Why have you never heard of Uruguayan wine? First, Uruguay is a small country with limited resources and cannot afford the advertising budget of the likes of Chile and Argentina. Second, being a small country the producers are small in international terms, and cannot supply the large retailers that dominate the UK market. As a result, Uruguay produces superb wines but is virtually unknown.

Uruguayan wines are closer in structure, style, and taste to Old World wines, as Uruguay’s climate is the closest in South America to Bordeaux; it’s humid, at sea level, seasonal and has limestone soils rich in calcium.

All the wineries are small and family-owned and run. The wines are virtually all hand-made every step of the way, and infused with the passion and enthusiasm of these families, resulting in unique wines with characteristics that reflect both the terroir of the vineyard and the personality of the individual winemaker.

These are wines with soul that connect you with the people and the place behind each one of them.

Wines of Uruguay UK was created in May 2009 by Carla Bertellotti who, after moving to England, realised that wines from her homeland were hardly known in the UK. She specialises in the importation and distribution of boutique wines from Uruguay, and has the only business in the UK dedicated to supplying wines from the main Uruguayan producers. She believes that Uruguayan wines offer not only some of the best quality wines available but also offer the best value for money. 

The place is St Barnabas Church Hall, Pitshanger Lane. The time is 8pm. And the cost will be £20/head.

If you’re interested in joining us, please request your place at by Tuesday 30th October.