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A Return to Moldova, with Irina Hraplivii

2nd June 2023

For our June meeting, we’re delighted to welcome back Irina Hraplivii of Moldovan Wines UK. When she presented last season, our COVID precautions meant that not everyone had the chance to enjoy this tasting, so we’re pleased to offer another opportunity for our members to experience these excellent wines.

As descendants of one of Moldova’s winemaking families, Irina and her team we grew up immersed in Moldovan winemaking production and traditions, and as such, proudly represent all of these values that they inherited from their ancestors. The beauty and chemistry of the wine deeply resonate with them, and hence they took the beautiful step of importing wines from Moldova, confident of bringing the irresistible taste of Moldovan Wines to the UK.

Irina’s grandparents were Moldovan winemakers and it was a tradition for all the relatives to gather on the vine plantations to participate at each stage of the grape cultivation and harvest. They have many happy memories of spending our Summer holidays with their grandparents and helping tend the vines. These family gatherings have always been a reason to meet up again and to remember the past, to share a joke or two and to spend valuable time together.

Irina is looking forward to coming back to see us, and sharing with some moments from the beautiful atmosphere and from the chemistry of the wine!

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Due to Covid-19, we have made a few changes to how NEWTS meetings are going to be run. The details of these can be found here.