Previous Meetings, 2018/19

The details of our meetings in the 2018/19 season will appear below. Why not join us next time?

An English Selection with Will Parker

5th October 2018

For our first tasting of the 2018/19 season, we welcomed back Will Parker, with a referesher on English wines.

With over 500 commercial vineyards, nearly 150 wineries, over 2500 hectares under vine, almost 6 million bottles produced, and exports to 27 countries, wine production in the U.K., while still small scale in world terms, is firmly established. There are red, rose and white still wines but the majority is sparkling, which is best suited to our climate and soil types.

While South-East England features prominently, we discussed vineyards much further afield including in Scotland!

For our first meeting of the new season, Will showcased some of the various styles from England (home to over 90% of the production), with three sparkling wines, four whites, one rose and one red; and we range from Cornwall to Sussex to Norfolk and beyond.